Dayton filmmaker holds June casting calls


Source: Dayton Daily News

Native Daytonian Djuna Wahlrab is returning to her hometown to shoot a feature length film she has written titled “We’re Doing Fine.” It’s about two young Daytonians — one who left Dayton and one “who “grew up believing it was magical.”

“The city is all they share, but its spirit will bring them together,” reads the casting notice. The local call is from 4-7 p.m. on Thursday, June 21 and the film is scheduled to be shot in Dayton in mid-September.

Djuna, who attended — and later taught — at Stivers School for the Arts, studied at New York University and later created the stop-motion animation film “Falling Up,” which has been screened locally at the Neon Movies.

Actors are sought “who are comfortable being a part of a collaborative writing process, preferably with improv experience or interest,” according to the announcement. Both SAG (Screen Actors Guild) and NON-SAG actors may apply.

If you are interested in any of the following roles, you’re asked to respond with headshot, resume and any reel or sample footage of previous work, and to specify the role you’d like.

Leading roles being cast:

• Gertie, a young Latino woman who immigrated to Dayton when she was little and now works at the downtown public library. Active in her suburban mega church, she enjoys drifting into fantasy through her art.

• John, ambitious and bright, grew up in Dayton, but left about as fast as he could. He has a successful career on the West Coast, and returns only when his father’s health wavers. Visits to his hometown and his father bring out the worst in him.

Supporting roles being cast:

• Ray, a Vietnam vet in his mid 60s, cantankerous and crude

• Rosa, a young mother in her early 20s who has come to Dayton with her 3-year-old daughter and shields her daughter from harsh surroundings with family folktales.

According to producers, “We’re Doing Fine” is set “in a rust belt city in transition.” It will be shot at sites throughout Dayton and “pay homage to its history of invention while suggesting how the city continues to reinvent itself through its citizens.”

Djuna has worked with fellow Stivers alum Adam Miller since their freshman year of high school and the two will be working together on the current project as well. Miller is the director of photography.

Applications should be submitted to: casting@